Kevin Killen’s Work 'A1 to F.E. McWilliam Gallery' on Display at Gallery Entrance


Kevin Killen’s  'A1 to F.E. McWilliam Gallery' is a site-specific neon installation based on the artist’s long exposure photographs of traffic travelling at night from the A1 towards the Gallery.

Based in Loughinisland, Co. Down, Killen exhibited one of his first neon works at the F.E. McWilliam Gallery in 2010 in the exhibition ‘A Walk through a Sculptor’s Garden’. Since then, he has developed this area of his practice to include large wall based pieces and floor based sculptural installations. Explaining his methods, Killen has written: "I use the local landscape as the canvas. Traffic is the ink and the camera is my drawing tool, as I control the freehand long exposure, photographing lines of light created by vehicles passing by. My process involves working with a degree of chance. I observe how the subject unknowingly aids the final outcome.  The movement of the camera allows for accidental drawing of lines of light. This playfulness adds to my process, enriching the final photographic drawing which I deconstruct and visualise in three dimensional neon installations. This enables the viewer to peer into previously unseen patterns and glimpse transitory movements captured in neon."
In March 2015, Killen collaborated with the dancer and choreographer, David Ogle, to produce the installation ‘Certain Moments’ for the University of Ulster Gallery, Belfast. In November 2015, ‘Endless Wander’ at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast, brought together Killen’s neon work and paintings by Clement McAleer. 'A1 to F.E. McWilliam Gallery', is Killen’s first major site specific work in neon.

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